Tres Reyes Islands in the heart of Philippines

I grew up in the smallest province of Southern Philippines, namely Marinduque, where only a few people knew about the place when you go to the northern or western part of the country. To give you a little information, Marinduque is called the Heart of the Philippines because of its geographical location and heart-shaped island.… Continue reading Tres Reyes Islands in the heart of Philippines


A jealousy for years

It has been 12 years and still can't forget the day mom went far away. I know people die, but I'm afraid of the fact that we don't know when.  I grew up in the southern part of the Philippines, a home full of life and happiness. One morning, out of nowhere, I told my… Continue reading A jealousy for years


MAG-ASAWANG BATO : A beginners trail

After the splendid day in Masasa Beach, it's time to exert and lessen fat. We woke up at 5:00 am for us to catch a glimpse of dawn. With us is Ate Melody, our guide to Mt. Mag-asawang Bato ( Located near Masasa Beach, two inseparably rock formations are located at its peak, which will give… Continue reading MAG-ASAWANG BATO : A beginners trail


MASASA BEACH: A Perfect Getaway

What a perfect timing getaway! Tourists are into beach bumming these days, and Masasa at Tingloy, Batangas is not an exemption. Tingloy is an island separated from the mainland of Batangas, it will take an hour or less from the port of Anilao to reach the generous municipality of Tingloy. Upon arrival, we went directly… Continue reading MASASA BEACH: A Perfect Getaway


Camping at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

As things move rapidly in social media, Zambales Province boasts its beautiful array of coves and inlets which excites the people to visit the place as soon as they can. So, my friend booked an exclusive tour for a group of 12 (the two backed out: emergency case at home), for 2 days and a… Continue reading Camping at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales


Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave, Sagada

     With Philippines 81 provinces, each has a hidden treasure for us to explore. Looking for a road trip, chilly and refreshing view of the enormous plowed field and pine forest? How about, away from city lights, heavy traffic, and crowded place? Well, Sagada in Mountain province might be the place you’re looking for.      Sagada… Continue reading Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave, Sagada


A creative day at SaNdBoX, Alviera, Pampanga

Thinking of redefining outdoor fun with your family or friends? Sandbox offers a numerous deal for you. Unleash your childhood fun at Sandbox, Alviera, Porac, Pampanga. Individual rates for activities still apply but they offer a package deal that matches your adventure taste. IMPORTANT NOTE: Activities are limited to a number of guest per day,… Continue reading A creative day at SaNdBoX, Alviera, Pampanga